EREC/ECE Session

Chairs: Tata Vassou (Greece), Meir Bialer (Israel)

Working together to improve outcomes in Phenotyping – Simon Shorvon (UK)

Working together to improve outcomes in Status Epilepticus – Christian Elger (Germany)

Working together to improve outcomes in Therapy – Meir Bialer (Israel) & Maggan Andersson (Sweden)


Epilepsy 2020

Chairs: Sari Tervonen (Finland), Ann Little (Ireland)

The Politician and Epilepsy – TBC

Epilepsy Advocacy: Expanding Opportunities in Europe – Sari Tervonen, (Finland)

EU Funding: How to go about it – Denis McEvoy, (Ireland)

Entering the Labour Market: EU Funded Project – Jana Zarubova, (Czech Republic)

EU funded project sample II – Veska Sabeva, (Bulgaria)

How can the EU help? – TBC


Epilepsy and Memory

Chairs: Shirley Maxwell (UK), Gus Baker (UK)

The aims of this fun, interactive session on epilepsy and memory are to discuss the nature of memory disorders and the causes of memory problems in epilepsy, and to suggest useful strategies for helping with memory problems. By the end of the session you should have a better understanding of the relationship between epilepsy and memory, and be able to take away useful strategies that might help you cope with memory problems.


Fundraising Workshop

Phil Lee (UK)

Details TBC


Epilepsy, Education and Employment

Chairs: Janet Mifsud (Malta), Michael Alexa (Austria)

Stigma in education and employment – Ann Jacoby (UK)

This lecture will be followed by six parallel small group workshops, which will allow more individual interactions. These workshops will be repeated twice in order to allow participants to contribute on two different topics. The workshop topics will include aspects such as: what should educators know about epilepsy? What do the other children in the class know about epilepsy?  How should children with learning disabilities and epilepsy be integrated in the class? Strategies for transition from education to workplace; PWE preparing for employment and Educating employers about epilepsy. A series of recommendations will be compiled from each workshop and reported at the end of the session.



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